You are in a bunker...Believing you are safe from the outside world, something makes a noise behind you.  As dread fills you to the core, an alarm goes off and the only door to freedom bolts shut.  As you survey your surroundings - you discover you are now locked in the room with a member of The Living Dead.  An automated voice tells you the "test subject" will be released in 5 minutes to seal your fate if you don't find a way out.  


Can you keep your calm, or will fear overtake you? With each passing second you are closer to freedom or death...You have 5 minutes to get out or he does.




Everyone loves a good circus - but this one is different.  There is a clown.  And not the kind who makes balloon animals.

He is a sadistic showman, hell-bent on providing the scariest circus in the land.  His circus is one of death, and he needs Actors and Actresses....That's where you come in.

Trapped in his game - you have 5 minutes to escape before he releases The Circus of The Living Dead on you...Making you a permanent cast member.  Can you survive his demented world - or will you become part of the entertainment?



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